It’s summertime in Australia. That means blue skies, blazing orange sunsets, cold beers and hours of long rides chasing the sun. You will also face the eternal battle of windows open or death by mozzies and probably suffer a severe scar from a seat belt buckle burn. But there’s only cricket on TV, and your car has no working AC, so why on earth would you be anywhere else but on your bike or covered in the appropriate amount of salt and sand from an arvo at the beach.



SUMMER is a special release Essentials Team Collection dedicated to our favourite Australian season. That time of year when the Bowen mangos are ripe, the Yamba prawns are juicy, the Queensland sun is sweltering and laying on the cold tiles post four-hour ride is surprisingly comfortable.


This range is a welcome to paradise, a road trip of inspiration from the place we’re fortunate to call home. The jerseys, split into three distinct styles – Wave, Block and Stripe – are all suggestions of a good ol' Australian summer. The awe-inspiring coastal roads on which we ride; the mind-blowing sunsets we set out to chase or the striped 3-star motels that line every surf beach up and down our famous east coast. A celebration of the great outdoors, of cold bevvies on the beach and all the rad colours that come to fore from December onwards.



"The scent of sunscreen and the thought of long afternoons necking longer beers took us to Byron Bay to launch our SUMMER."



The scent of sunscreen and the thought of long afternoons necking longer beers took us to Byron Bay to launch our SUMMER. Formerly the playground of tree-hugging hippies, salty surfers and disciples of yoga, 'The Bay' (as its known to locals) is now a summer getaway for Australia's design conscious and sun-seeking. But its laid-back vibe and magnetic pull remain. There are few better places in our country to end the year or begin a new one. The ultimate celebration of summer.


Sand as far the eye can see, the erratic weather that beckons the new season and a hinterland of undulating roads didn't disappoint. Nor did Luigi, the acoustic guitar-playing resident of iconic Byron cafe Top Shop. This long-time favourite keeps surfers, cyclists and everyone in between happy with awesome coffee and killer burgers. Serenaded by the 'Cycling Blues' as we waited for the storm to pass, you could be forgiven for thinking that Top Shop's fresh lick of paint had been our colour palette inspiration. It was, however, a happy accident.


Rain finally abating, our chase for the sun continues …


Summer. An Essentials Team Collection. For the Everyday Chase.

Released Wednesday December 13.


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