Black Sheep's vision is to create the world's best cycling apparel. Yet this vision is not at the expense of boring you to death, day after day, about how your cycling kit will bring you untouched levels of performance. We'll continue to push the boundaries in apparel, and it will help make cycling more enjoyable for you, but we can't turn you into a sprinter.

We'll continue to push the boundaries in apparel, but we can't turn you into a sprinter.

Summer - An Essentials Team Collection, is a complete overhaul of product. Essentials are, and always will be, your everyday. Your everyday choice to not just get on the bike, but to love it. At Black Sheep, we get the biggest thrill from the whole package. The insatiable and everlasting pursuit of garment excellence fulfils our ego trip, but it all falls a distant second to helping you love riding your bike again.


Italian Lightweight with UPF 30+ Sun Protection

Constructed using Black Sheep’s renowned and truly original Light Asteroid Fabric; a 130gsm warp-knit fabric milled in Italy. The Team Collection Jersey 2.0 now features improved sun protection through the back, ready for a firey Summer.

Refined. Again.

We have rebuilt the Team Collection Jersey with a major goal; refining everything. This jersey will be the best fitting jersey you own - hands down. We could tell you how much better your aerodynamics will be, but in reality, you will notice more of a change when you are sitting with your friends and they are all staring at you.

Dropped Collar.

The primary goal with the Team Collection Jersey 2.0 was enhanced performance and comfort on the bike. A major improvement comes around the neck region, with a tapered front and back collar.

Matt Hauser is wearing an XS in the Men's Green Salted Taco Block Jersey from the Summer Collection.


Classic. Refined.

The Team Bib & Brace has been a staple in our range for a while now. It's a tried and tested favourite that we have continually refined.

Laser Cut Cuff

A laser cut, 4cm Italian Elastic Cuff is featured in the New Team Collection Bibs. Almost unrecognisable on the bike, a product of its minimalism and it’s sturdiness.

Reflective Detailing

Staying true to the styling of the Essentials range, the Team Collection bibs feature reflective detail on both sides of the short.

Jazzy Hedgeland is wearing an XS in the Women's Navy Team Collection Bib from the Summer Collection.





SUMMER is an Essentials Team Collection dedicated to our favourite Australian season. That time of year when the Bowen mangos are ripe, the Yamba prawns are juicy, the Queensland sun is sweltering and laying on the cold tiles post four-hour ride is surprisingly comfortable.