Next weekend, a group of 200 chefs will be tracing the Southern Californian coastline from Carmel to Santa Monica. Over the three days, 500 kilometres will be covered all in the name of helping end childhood hunger, a problem far bigger than anyone can believe.


Aside from Black Sheep Cycling being the official clothing provider of this years Chefs Cycle, our very own John Polson, Travis McKenzie and Connoisseur’s Jeff Mahin and Jason Roberts will be there every pedal stroke, raising money and awareness in an attempt to bring about change to this inexcusable problem. If you want to support you can find more information at the bottom of this article. But first, let’s take a look closer look at how bad this problem is and the people trying to bring about change.

One in five kids in America go hungry every day.

The effects of hunger are stark; decreased school attendance, lower academic achievement, higher healthcare costs, and reduced later-life productivity (Nord, 2007). It is why organisations such as Share Our Strength and its No Kid Hungry campaign are devoted to solving this domestic issue that many don’t even know exists. Established in response to the 1984 Ethiopian Famine by siblings Billy and Debbie Shore, Share Our Strength is a Washington, DC-based non-profit with one mission: end childhood hunger in America by ensuring all children get the healthy food they need, every day. Though founded to address hunger on a global scale, Share Our Strength quickly established its niche combating the crisis of hunger on its home-front, and in 2008 kicked off the No Kid Hungry campaign. 

“No Kid Hungry has provided 460 million meals to children”.

Part of the success of No Kid Hungry is its close and committed partnership with chefs. “Chefs are on the front lines when it comes to understanding the power of food to transform lives,” says Debbie. “For decades, their passion in the kitchen has helped feed children through their work with us. Now they’re marrying a new passion– cycling – with their determination to end childhood hunger through Chefs Cycle.” The money raised by the chefs riding for Chefs Cycle supports the organisation’s focus on key intervention points of increasing breakfast programs in schools and expanding summer meals programs available to kids during the holiday period. Since the start of the campaign, No Kid Hungry has provided 460 million meals to children. 


The intersection of the lives of Chef’s Jason Roberts and Jeff Mahin occurred due to their love of cycling and their devotion to the No Kid Hungry cause. Back in 2014, both men were at a charity event in New York. Like two blood brothers meeting each other for the first time, their affection for each other was instant. They both love cycling. They are both amazing cyclists. So it was only natural that the two, along with Shake Shack’s Allan Ng, were instrumental in the creation of Chefs Cycle, an annual endurance ride featuring 200 of the world’s most well-known chefs. The event aims to raise awareness and funds for No Kid Hungry. In 2015, 75,000 meals were provided to kids off the back of their efforts.


Each chef participates in Chefs Cycle for their own reasons; be it a personal experience or just a simple opportunity to help out the community in which they live. As Jason put it: “the plight of some of these kids just makes me sad. I never had to choose between the quantity or quality of food. As a chef with a profile, I need and will do everything possible to ensure every kid in America can access a meal.” Childhood hunger will be solved. It’s a problem that shouldn’t exist. The work being done by Billy and Debbie Shore, and by chefs Jeff Mahin and Jason Roberts show how individuals not only make differences, they solve and eradicate problems.