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Race To The Stars

The unknown search of a cure.

Story by Black Sheep Cycling July 7th, 2017
A quest into the unknown search of a cure. The continuation of the series titled Obsession of the Unknown, we spoke with a man determined to make a difference, an everyday hero.

Dave McAdam is your everyday hero, not motivated by notoriety or fame, but the simple desire and determination to make a difference. Dave's niece was recently diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, a condition that affects the lungs with debilitating symptoms that until now, at least, there has been no known cure.

On Friday July 7, Dave is leaving Perth and riding his bike all the way across the other side of the country. 4,600 kilometres to his final destination of the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital. He is attempting to raise $250,000 for both the hospital and for the Children's Hospital Foundation.



"[He] built a reputation as a selfless team mate and ruthless racer".

Born in the North of England, cycling was never the popular choice. Cycling made you an outlier of children obsessed with the round ball. A childhood spent exploring the lanes of Northern England was the beginning of a love affair with the sport that has spanned decades and to this day is as strong as ever. Throughout this period Dave has raced across multiple continents on a neopro level and has built a reputation as a selfless team mate and ruthless racer.

Dave’s niece Freya was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis a few weeks following birth and from this moment life for her and her family was flipped upside down. Like some of the greatest sporting teams, the entire family became part of Team Freya, all determined to positively impact her life and to those who also suffer from the disease.

For Dave, he knew that he alone had the opportunity to make a different and it comes as no surprise that how is chose to do it was by doing a feet that is on the border of inspirational and crazy.



Dave was first introduced to the Children’s Hospital Foundation through an annual charity ride held by his employer, Bank of Queensland. This not only made him aware of the Foundation but opened his eyes to the generosity of the Cycling Community.

"The result of this research has seen the average life expectancy for those suffering cystic fibrosis increasing from 17 years to 37 years of age, all developments made in the last 10 years."

The Children's Hospital Foundation has received global recognition for the research they have undertaken into the management of Cystic Fibrosis and it's relentless work in search for its cure. The result of this research has seen the average life expectancy from those suffering cystic fibrosis increasing from 17 years to 37 years of age, all developments made in the last 10 years. Funding researchers such as Professors Clare Wainwright and Peter Sly from the Children's Hospital Foundation has brought the issues to a tipping point where the cure from Cystic Fibrosis has become a realistic goal.



The final journey to the creation of 'Race to the Stars' and the superhuman goal of riding 4,600 kilometres across Australia came from somewhere completely unexpected; novice cyclists. In 2016, Dave volunteered to look after a small group known as Brave Hearts, a bunch of people who had never ridden a bike but were about to ride 350km - in three days. They too were motivated to raise money for the Children's Hospital Foundation. The Brave Hearts completed their goal as well as inadvertently gave Dave one last bit of motivation to create Race To The Stars. Anything was now possible.


and then it was fate.

As Dave said when I caught up with him, "the option to ride across Australia just seemed a logical way to raise money and make a genuine difference". And with that, the fate of Race to the Stars was sealed.

With only 8 months to prepare, training was not just a goal, but a genuine necessity. This is not a route you want to fuck with. Balancing a young family, a highly stressful job, and, well, life, required not only his own determination but the support of his entire family. He now second pseudo-job was torturous training for an even more torturous objective.

So the time has now come - Friday July 7. This is Dave's chance to just do what he loves, ride, and as a result impact the lives of so many who desperately need it. The true everyday hero.

Black Sheep CYCLING is proudly supporting Dave McAdams and the Race to the Stars, a 4,600km ride across Australia to raise money and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis. Follow the incredible journey by this extraordinary person on Facebook and donate, if you can, via the link below.

Footnote: Photography by Daniel Redwood and Words by Charlie Shaw.
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia