To remain on the edge, we must first evolve. To move forward, we must first look back. Season X, our 10th LIMITED Collection, will herald the end of an era. The climax of LIMITED as you know it. But more poignantly, it also marks the beginning of a new chapter in which Black Sheep will continue to push the boundaries of cycling apparel, garment design and storytelling.

"We still want to create that sense of exclusivity of having a kit that no one else has," says John Polson, CEO & Co-Founder. "But we want to take the LIMITEDrelease concept to a whole other level. To expand our community; to further our storytelling. To take people deeper into the subject and drive their emotional connection with what it is we do."

We set out to do thing differently. To celebrate cycling. To make it fun again. And we have done so in such an incredible and unique way. Seasons One to Nine have been a showcase of garments that express everything great about cycling, and make you proud of being a cyclist. They were crafted to enhance our and your love for the sport. To evoke pride. To give you a sense of community – we are all Black Sheep. One of a kind.

"I wanted this brand to be inclusive. I didn't want it to be elitist," says John. I wanted anyone to feel like they could connect with Black Sheep because I think too often in the past there's been cycling manufacturers that have developed brands and products, which try to exclude certain people. And that's just not us."

Our community. Our Black Sheep are what helped create this incredible celebration of all the Seasons we've released. It's you guys that make us tick. You're the reason we stay inspired. And you who will continue to be the focal point moving forward.

"What makes Black Sheep so incredibly inspiring to be a part of is the deep connection we have with our community," says Nik Howe, Creative Director. "The enthusiasm with which people court our product or engage with our stories is truly infectious and resonates throughout everything we do."

The journey, though, has only just begun …



"I think we've barely tapped the surface. We can go so much deeper, and that's where we're going to go."