Black Sheep set out to do thing differently. To celebrate cycling. To make it fun again. And we have done so with the incredible support of you, our amazing community. Seasons One to Nine have been a showcase of garments that express everything great about cycling, and make you proud of being a cyclist. They were crafted to enhance our and your love for the sport. To evoke pride. To give you a sense of community.


LIMITED. SEASON X is our opportunity to reflect. To remind people of what's been gone and issue a clear directive as to where we’re going. To remain on the edge, we must first evolve. To move forward, we must first look back. SEASON X, our 10th LIMITED Collection, will herald the end of an era. The climax of LIMITEDas you know it. But more poignantly, it also marks the beginning of a new chapter in which Black Sheep will continue to push the boundaries of cycling apparel, garment design and storytelling.



The journey has only just begun. We've barely tapped the surface. We can go so much deeper, and that's where we're going to go.






With SEASON X, we have recrafted four of our most sought-after releases. Kits that transcended a sport, and resonated with so many people around the world. Below is our chance to celebrate them with you, and give you one last chance to get your hands on history before they disappear forever.




The kit we get asked about the most. Extremely limited when first produced, the SPECKLED LINCOLN is that guy at school that could just do no wrong. Not the jock, yet far from the nerd. That good looking dude that played sport effortlessly and managed to get top marks seemingly without opening a text book. He didn’t follow the crowd, the crowd followed him. Females flocked. Like its high school human metaphor, the Lincoln is an extremely rare breed of sheep. He is very handsome and can sometimes be seen with hair long enough to be put into a bun. The ewes go crazy. You'd be crazy miss out. Expect this kit to go fast. Real fast.



The LACAUNE (pronounced ‘La-kwan’) women’s kit was released even before the marble trend became a thing again. We’re not saying we started the movement (maybe we did), but we’re certainly putting a full stop on it. Will you be a part of the marble movement?. Don’t be fooled by the dominant blacks and whites. She is as complicated, intricate, and unique as anything to come before her. Her flowing patterning is chic, with a mixture of awesomeness and grace in one very complex package. LACAUNE, the ewe, is one of France’s most sort-after dairy-producing breeds and responsible for producing succulent vintages of Roquefort and Feta cheese. Expect to see people drooling when wearing the LACAUNE.



The PORTLAND WAVE is the kit you wished you had bought when its was first released. You won’t make the same mistake twice. When you’re in a state of flow, it’s almost impossible to be aware of anything outside of what you are doing. It’s state of mind that allows us to achieve superhuman results with relative ease. The Japanese Nami patterning is symbolic of that state of flow. Ease and grace achieves greatest personal satisfaction. Portland, the sheep, makes things look easy as well. Like breeding for instance – he does it all the time, regardless of the season. Why? Probably because he has horns. But hey, we’re not going to question anyone that is wearing the PORTLAND WAVE. Last chance.




The most recent of our recrafted kits. But no less popular. CHER, with its flattering contours and and striking primary colour scheme, resonated with every Black Sheep out there – female or male. Proof that the rolling ocean is our greatest metaphor for life. Its beauty is timeless. Majestic, powerful and chaotic. At its peak, when the force and power is almost insurmountable, the ocean climaxes into a wave. The water crashes open in fury, everything left in chaos and disorder. Yet without fail, the water retreats to the seamless harmony of the rolling ocean, leaving very little permanent disruption or scar. Don’t take it for granted. Let go. Get lost in the flow. Get this kit before it disappears forever.